School Visits

Elementary Program:  Gene presents an entertaining, interactive and educational program for elementary students from first to sixth grade.  Each session is adapted to grade level.  He uses many hats and props to help students understand character development.  If desired, Gene can engage students interactively in his “Ten Step Story” method which helps them to organize their creative thoughts.

Intermediate Program:  Gene expands his use of hats to show character development.  He will also demonstrate how to use the five senses to get story ideas and bring them to life, and help students learn how to “show and not tell” in their writing. With his visual prop for inspiration, a large box of rejection letters, Gene stresses that success often means hard work, practice, patience, and persistence.

Adult Program:  Gene also does presentations for adult organizations and libraries.  He expands upon his intermediate program by delving more deeply in to the creative writing process.

Since 2015 Gene has presented to 138 schools in Wyoming, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Texas and Hawaii.


 Gene with Wagon

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  1. Jennifer Talbott says:

    Hello, Gene,

    I am interested in finding out the cost of a school visit to Laramie Montessori School in Laramie. We have one kindergarten class, two lower elementary classes (1-3 grades), and two upper elementary classes (4-6 grades).

    Thank you!

    Jennifer Talbott
    Upper Elementary Teacher
    Laramie Montessori School
    (307) 742-9964

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